Name of the Organisation

Moyai Support Centre for Independent Living

Office Address

2F Midori Building, 362 Yamabuki-Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 162-0801 Japan

Telephone Number

Open: Tuesday 12 noon – 6:00 pm, Friday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed on national holidays

Fax Number


Managing Director

Chairperson Ren OHNISHI

Board of Trustees

Chairperson Ren OHNISHI
Vice-Chair Tsuyoshi IKEZA
Trustee Azusa KUROIWA
Auditor Tetsuo IWATA
Hiroaki ISHII
Secretary General Ayumi KATO

*as of April 2020


May 17, 2001

Incorporated as a Specified Non-Profit Organisation

April 1, 2003
(Certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on March 25, 2003)

Incorporated as a Certified Non-Profit Organisation

September 1, 2014
Notification Number: 26 Sei-To-Chi No. 800
(Registration valid from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2019)

Renewed on November 29th, 2019
Notification Number: 31 Sei-To-Kan No.1181
(Registration valid from September 1st, 2019 to August 31st, 2024)


2001 May Founded as a private sector organisation Moyai, and started the peer support group “Moyai Musubi no Kai”
2001 November Issued the first newsletter “Moyai News” (the present quarterly “Omoyai Tsu-shin [Omoyai Journal]”)
2003 April Obtained the Specified Non-Profit Organisation status as Moyai Support Centre for Independent Living
2004 April Moved and opened the new office “Komorebi” in Shinjuku, Tokyo
2004 June Opened the community café “Salon de Café Komorebi”
2006 September Opened the women’s space “Green Necklace”
2006 December Published the Moyai 5th Anniversary Booklet “Nichi-nichi Kore Koujitsu [Every Day is a Good Day]”
2007 January Launched the social business of fair trade, home-roasted “Komorebi Coffee”
2007 September Opened the youth activity space “Drop-in Komorebi”
2012 March Published “Hinkon Matta-nashi! Tocchirakari no 10-nenkan [No Time Out! Ten Years of Moyai Fighting Poverty]” (Publisher: Iwanami Shoten)
2014 March Closed “Drop-in Komorebi”
2014 April Opened the youth activity space “Lantern Bearer Komorebi”
2014 September Incorporated as a Certified Non-Profit Organisation, registered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2015 February Launched “Basic Seminar on Poverty” (annual seminar)
2015 March Published “Lecture Manual on Poverty”
2016~2019 Seminar on ‘Learning and Teaching’ Poverty
2016 May Exhibition of ‘Homeless Bed’ in G7 Summit in Iseshima
2017 February Published “Lecture Book for Teaching Poverty”
2017 March Moved to ‘Midori Building’ (Shinjuku)
2018 February Published “A New Horizon of Poverty Problems”
2018 February Report Conference
2018 April Launched “Sumai-Musubi Programme” (real estate brokeage)


Awards Received

2008 November The Tomo-Iki Award, in the Second Tomo-Iki Chiiki Bunka Taishou [Living-Together and Regional Culture Award] (from Jodo Shu)
2010 November The Honorary Award (from the Gifu Rally of National Coalition for Fair Consumer Credit)
2014 December Nominated for “Excellent NPO Award”
2015 May Received “Nikkei Social Initiative Award”


Grants from Private Funds

2004 – 2006 Community Grant (Phillip Morris Japan)
2007 May FIT for Charity Run 2007 (FIT for Charity)
2009 June Charity Bank (Lush Japan)
2011 April The Tohoku Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund (Japan Foundation)
2011 September The Red Feather Support Fund for Disaster Relief Volunteers and NPO (The Community Chest of Japan)
2013 September Rengo Ai no Kanpa Chuo Josei [Rengo Goodwill Central Donation] (The Japan Trade Union Confederation)
2014 January Social Welfare Fund: NPO Kiban Kyouka Shikin Josei [NPO Foundation Strengthening Grant] (Sompo Japan Foundation)
2015 “Oracle’s Charitable Trust
2015 “Nihon-Zaitaku” (Japan Trust Property Inc.)
2016 Social Venture Partners Tokyo (SVP Tokyo)
2016-2018 Johnson & Johnson (JJCC)

Coalitions / Membership

■National Homeless Support Network (Member)
■Burakku Kigyou Taisaku Project (Member)
■Japan Civil Network for Disaster Relief in East Japan (Member)
■Tokyo Council of Social Welfare (Member)
■Coalition for Legislation to Support Citisens’ Organizations: Certified NPO Shinko-Kai (Member)