What We Do

Housing Support Project ~ Assisting a Fresh Start to Decent Living ~

Moving into New Homes

Moyai undertakes the responsibility as the tenant guarantor and the emergency contact of the currently homeless citisens living on the streets, in parks, hospitals and other provisional accommodations, and helps them with a fresh start in adequate housing.
*Please consult us on the fees and conditions for the guarantor contracts.

Long term Follow-up

We keep in touch with our clients after they settle in new homes, via post sent four times a year and by visiting them for personal conferences whenever necessary.

Consultation & Livelihoods Support Project ~ Responding to Calls for Help ~

Moyai Helpline

Every Tuesday and Friday, Moyai Helpline is open for anyone in need of assistance with everyday essentials, housing, and financial hardships.
Open Hours: Tuesday 12 noon – 6:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Telephone: +81-(0)3-3266-5744

Consultation Day

Every Tuesday (11:00 am – 6:00 pm), Moyai office is open for anyone to visit and consult about homelessness and a range of poverty-related issues.

Supporting Access to Social Welfare

Moyai helps the people in need gain access to social welfare services, by offering advice on application procedures and by accompanying them to the administrative office when applying for the public assistance.

Emergency Provisions

When the client’s situation requires urgent provisions, we offer rice, canned meals, and other daily commodities to help get by the coming days.

Community Empowerment Project ~ Overcoming Social Isolation ~

Community Events

To help prevent seclusion, especially after our clients settle in new homes, Moyai brings together the members of the peer support group “Moyai Musubi no Kai” and the wider community for luncheons, holiday outings, and other seasonal events.

Participation and Belonging

Moyai opens the community café “Salon de Café Komorebi,” the women’s space “Green Necklace,” and the youth activity space “Lantern Bearer Komorebi” on a regular basis.
In the “Komorebi Coffee Roasting Project,” members of the Moyai peer support group take the initiative in home-roasting fair trade coffee beans and selling freshly brewed coffee.

Advocacy & Proposals Project ~ Making Changes to Politics and Society ~

Proposals to the Administrative Bodies

Moyai makes factual, up-to-date policy proposals to the decision-makers, the governing authorities, and other public institutions.

Spreading the Word

Moyai engages in raising social awareness of poverty and social exclusion, through daily updates on the website, issuance of the quarterly newsletter “Omoyai Tsu-shin,” and other advocacy campaigns.

Lectures and Seminars

Moyai gives lectures on the issues of poverty at schools and universities, and offers seminars open to the public and local communities.